Learn how to easily improve the security of your property.  This might allow you to grow the value of your property over time.


Money doesn’t fall off trees and making money isn’t as glamorous some people make it out to be.


For most people, it’s a slow, repetitive process that can frustrate and bore you to death.

It, therefore makes sense that you want to treat the money you earn with respect, because, let’s face it, you work your ass off to get it.


OK, Ok, some people are probably chuckling, but hey buster!  Not everyone’s born with a silver spoon in their mouth!


Property – What’s it to you?


For most of us, the property includes:



For the wealthier among us, it can include:



Logically thinking, everyone wants to protect their assets from harm. So how do you even begin?


How to easily improve the security of your property


  1. Determine the value of the property
  2. Determine possible risks, if any
  3. Take out insurance to cover the property for the full value
  4. Attempt to increase insurance cover over time to stay in line with inflation
  5. Do not use any property as security or leverage


Let’s talk about MONEY


The money we earn for hours we work is property.  What you do with it, determines your wealth.


For some people, money is irrelevant because they earn enough.


How much money is enough?



55 % of your total income must be sufficient to cover your basic needs like:



10% must go towards long-term savings – like retirement

10 – 20% must go towards your education and short-term savings

10% is for you – to do with whatever you want. Have fun with it!

5% should go towards home improvement or charity


If your income doesn’t allow you to cover the basics as listed above, then you need to find a way to make more money.

So, we’ve established how much is enough.  Enough money would cover all our essential needs and allow us to put money away for long-term and short-term savings goals.


How can I secure my Money?


A lot of people will tell you to invest it and get it to grow as fast as possible.  The better approach is to let it grow steadily over a long period.


What are the 5 best ways to grow my money securely?


Start with a budget.


  1. Pay yourself – The first thing that you need in your budget is a savings budget. It must be the first thing you do every month before you pay anything else.
  2. Start as early as possible – compound interest is one of the most powerful means of making more money from the money you’ve been saving over time.
  3. Matched Contributions – make use of any matched contributions offered by employers or other sources
  4. Increases – if you get a salary increase, save the extra money you get
  5. Increase income – find a way to make more money, but not spend more


Saving money and keeping your savings secure and growing is easy.  Starting to save and doing it religiously is the hard part.

The simplest tool, to begin with, is a budget.  Then you need to be strong and not let yourself be tempted to touch savings money.



How to easily imporve the security of your property – home.


Keeping your home safe and secure for your family is a top priority if you want to make it a safe, comfortable place to live in.


Keep Burglars and Thieves Out


There are simple things you can do.  Here is a list of ten things you can do to start with:


  1. Add external lights to illuminate every inch of your exterior
  2. Clean up your garden and remove hiding places
  3. Have an alarm system installed in your home
  4. Use CCTV Cameras in your home
  5. Install burglar bars in your windows
  6. Make sure all doors can be locked, especially exterior doors
  7. Make sure the garage can be locked and is secure
  8. Put up a perimeter wall or fence to keep intruders out
  9. Set up secure passwords on your WiFi
  10. Install Antivirus software on all your devices


Securing your home isn’t rocket science.  You just need to keep security top of mind all the time.


How do I secure my vehicles?


Your vehicles allow you to get around.  But, moving machinery is dangerous, so, you need to ensure they’re in peak condition and that you’ve got personal insurance cover just in case something goes awry.


Your vehicles probably include one or more of the following:



What security measures should you take into consideration when it comes to these vehicles?


  1. Personal safety – how can you ensure you are safe while using the vehicle?
  2. Have you been properly trained to use the vehicle?
  3. Have you got the right gear to use the vehicle?
  4. What happens if you have an accident – are you covered?
  5. If you injure someone else – are you covered?
  6. What if you damage property – are you covered?
  7. When your vehicle is lost or damaged – are you covered?


What can I do to ensure I am secure while using these vehicles?



The main point you should take away is to use caution and keep safety in mind while you use any vehicle for whatever purpose.


Securing your property is a matter of using your better judgment when it comes to the things you do with your money.  Saving should be your first priority.




If you decide to buy things, then make sure you look after them.  Make sure you’re covered by a good quality comprehensive insurance plan.

Hopefully, you found this article useful.  Do you have safety tips for others, if I missed any?  What safety tips would you include here?  This article was titled “how to easily improve the security of your property”  What improvements would you suggest for it?

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